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Komatsu 830E QSK 60 Stage One Exhaust System from Engine to Horse Collar

Insulated Insulated
Part Part
Number Number Description Qty
8361EXA-1 8361EXA-1NS Flanged Turbo Pipe 2
8361EXA-2 8361EXA-2NS 10" 90° Elbow with Short Leg 1
8361EXA-3 8361EXA-3NS 10" 90° Elbow with Long Leg 1
8361EXA-4 8361EXA-4NS Non-Insulated Flex Pipe Connectors 2
VB10 10" Heavy Duty V-Band Clamps 4
VS10 10" Insulated V-Band Clamp Cover 2
FBC10 10" Stainless Steel Flat Band Clamp 2
EXH10 10" Exhaust Hanger Kit 2
8361EXAIS Complete 830E QSK 60 Stage One Insulated Exhaust Kit 1