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dBA Silencing - In service to the Mining & Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment Industries.

dBA Silencing services the mining industry by re-powering and retro-fitting mining truck exhaust, air intake, and coolant systems. DbA Silencing's ability to fit each system to an individual truck, or to build to fit a certain engine in a particular fleet of trucks, with a minimum of wasted space or time, makes DbA Silencing a leader in it's field.

dBA Silencing is the industry leader in custom industrial exhaust, air intake and coolant systems for the mining, logging and marine industries. We can manufacture and customize most systems and kits as well as provide unique product solutions to suit your needs.

dBA Silencing specializes in insulated and non-insulated exhaust systems, air intake and coolant kits for mining trucks with Cummins and Detroit engines. Custom exhaust fittings, wheel motor covers, clamps, rubber hump hose, elbows, connectors and more are part of the many products that we provide.

dBA Silencing's unique insulated exhaust shielding protects the maintenance worker as well as the engine compartment from the adverse affects of the high heat generated by the engine. This not only gives protection from fire hazards, but will also shorten the downtime, as workers can get into the engine compartment faster without being burned.

Protecting Your Investment!

Using the best materials and knowledgable people is the best way of protecting the investment you make in your fleet. Whether it's your trucks, shovels, loaders, or your air cleaning systems, underground or aboveground operations, getting the most up-to-date and economical systems and replacement parts to keep your fleet running smoothly, is what you look for. dBA Silencing can help to keep your fleet in shape from air intake systems, to exhaust and coolant systems. dBA Silencing's quality shows in all it does inside your fleet.

dBA Silencing will work with customers to develop custom exhaust and air intake systems for "whatever your needs may be."

Exhaust Kits

Click here to browse our line of Insulated and non-insulated exhaust kits for Mining Trucks.


dBA Silencing has a full line of Insulated and non-insulated mufflers for mining trucks, logging trucks and marine.

V-Band Clamps

Here you will find a list containing information on our VBand Clamps.

Rubber Hump Hose and Elbows

dBA Silencing carries various different Rubber Products such as Hump hose and Elbows.

Exhaust Bellows

Here you can find information on our Bellows and Connector kits.

Heavy Duty Air Clamps

This page lists the various air clamps that we carry

Heavy Duty Ladders

Click here to see the different mining truck ladders we carry

Wheel Motor Covers

dBA Silencing also provides Polyethylene wheel motor covers.