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How DBA Mining Truck Parts Can Make Your Life Better

The Transformative Power Of Mining Truck Parts From DBA

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide variety of societal impacts. One of the more interesting results of lockdown has been a reexamination of work and our relationship to it. Many people, for instance, discovered the joys of working from home, and are now loath to return to the office. For others, it was a wake-up call when it came to wages. We spend a lot of our time earning a living, and of course it makes sense that people are striving always to improve their occupational situations.

The good news for those of you who work on a mine site is that there’s a simple step you can take that will almost immediately make your professional life better: start using mining truck parts manufactured by DBA Silencing. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the hierarchy; utilizing DBA components will result in positive change.

DBA Mining Truck Parts

Heavy Equipment Operators

Let’s suppose you drive one of the colossal mining trucks that are used in present-day mining operations. In the past, one of your primary fears would have been a truck fire. Modern flame suppression systems are much more effective than their predecessors, but conflagrations remain a possibility. If a hose splits and sprays fluid onto a hot exhaust component, all bets are off. As anyone who has experienced a truck fire will tell you, escaping a burning vehicle can be a life-threatening challenge.

At DBA Silencing, we dramatically reduce the chances that trucks will become infernos by making exhaust parts with surfaces that remain well below the flash point for oils. We do this by encasing our exhaust components in fibreglass shells. These shells are unique in the mining industry, and they allow operators to rest easy, secure in the knowledge that everything possible has been done to mitigate the risk of fire.

DBA fibreglass shells can help in other ways that are less significant overall but still appreciated. People moving around a house-sized mining truck have to watch out for a variety of materials. These could include sticky deposits of payload or clogging agents such as mud. Drivers also need to be careful that they don’t inadvertently contact hot surfaces and come away with a burn. When DBA mining truck parts are in use, operators never have to worry that they’ll accidentally sear their skin on a superheated exhaust pipe.

Mining Truck Operator


The men and women who maintain a fleet of mining trucks are also happier when they’re dealing with DBA parts. The main reason for this is that DBA systems tend to be more segmented than their OEM equivalents. This means that the individual sections are often lighter, and typically easier to install. Mining truck aftermarket parts from DBA are therefore likely to put smiles on the faces of the mechanics who are responsible for truck servicing.

Mechanics also love DBA fibreglass shells. This is because mining truck exhaust parts that need to be replaced in a hurry usually require several hours to cool down before they can be safely touched. DBA exhaust parts, however, can be handled almost right away and this means that downtime is minimized. Many mechanics are also fans of DBA’s shell approach because it saves them having to deal with the alternatives.

Some companies make double-walled exhaust pipes, but these are heavier and don’t always reduce surface temperatures to a sufficient degree. Other firms offer insulating blankets that can provide protection on the heat front but that are a pain in the neck to install. And some blankets irritate the skin of the folks tasked with putting them in place.

Mining truck and mining worker at the mine


Transitioning to DBA systems is also a boon for a mine site’s purchasing department. DBA Silencing has been in business for many decades and, although we don’t like to toot our own horn {we’re all about silencing, after all}, we do know a great deal about exhaust. {We’re also familiar with air intake and coolant, of course, but exhaust is our specialty.} We can help ensure that a fleet is getting the parts it needs to keep costs low and productivity high.

DBA has individual mining truck replacement parts, and also entire kits. We have reasonable lead times and we can, under certain circumstances, expedite a delivery. We generally ship on schedule, and rarely are items backordered. Knowledgeable members of our team are available to answer questions anytime, and we respond promptly to inquiries. It’s little wonder, then, that once purchasers start ordering from DBA, they rarely go anywhere else!

Mine Site Managers

If you’re running a mine site and you’re not yet using DBA mining truck parts, you might want to do yourself a favour and give our components a try. We’ve actually been known to offer a free trial kit so people can experience the DBA difference for themselves, meaning that there’s really no downside to giving our products a whirl. If DBA parts can make your site run more efficiently and boost team morale to boot, then it really is a no-brainer.


Or maybe you own the site. In that case, your life will be improved by enhancements to the bottom line. DBA’s mining truck parts are a fraction of the cost of their OEM counterparts. You can save a tonne of cash without sacrificing quality or performance. You can also save money by decreasing downtime, reducing staff turnover {folks using DBA systems are more satisfied for all the reasons outlined above}, and avoiding costly truck fires.

DBA Mining Truck Parts

Switching To DBA Mining Truck Parts

So. It may not be possible for everyone in your workplace to get raises. It may not be feasible to expand benefits for everyone at your mine site. But you can almost certainly test drive some DBA components, and then reap the many rewards. If you have questions about our products, you can reach us at 1-800-661-5886. You can also check out the various mining truck parts we manufacture by visiting our website or perusing our current catalogue.

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