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Exhaust Tubing & Parts: OEM vs Aftermarket

Two Primary Options

Mining trucks play a critical role in the extraction and transportation of minerals and other resources. These heavy-duty vehicles require robust exhaust parts and durable exhaust systems that are capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions prevalent at many mine sites. When it comes to upgrading or replacing mining truck exhaust components, there are two primary options: Original Equipment Manufacturer {or OEM} exhaust parts and aftermarket exhaust parts. As it happens, DBA Silencing manufactures OEM exhaust items for Liebherr Mining Equipment and aftermarket exhaust units for most of the other major players in the mining industry. In today’s blog post, we’ll be delving into the differences between OEM exhaust parts and their aftermarket equivalents.

Collection of DBA composite exhaust shells with insulation

OEM Exhaust Tubing & Parts

OEM exhaust components are designed and produced by the original equipment manufacturer of the mining trucks. These companies invest a great deal of time and money in research and development, and OEM parts are built to rigorous standards outlined by teams of engineers. The OEM units that DBA ships to Liebherr Mining Equipment for use on trucks around the world are fabricated in accordance with precise specifications from the highest-quality aluminized steel exhaust tubing.

Advantages Of OEM Exhaust Tubing & Parts

There are four main benefits associated with OEM exhaust parts and OEM exhaust systems.

  1. OEM exhaust parts are made for specific truck models, which ensures an exact fit, as well as alignment with the vehicle’s structure. This guarantees compatibility and minimizes {or eliminates entirely} the need for modifications.
  2. Units with the OEM designation are constructed using high-grade exhaust tubing that, as a result of extensive testing, has a proven ability to endure the punishing conditions associated with many mining operations. These components can successfully weather challenges as diverse as extreme temperature variations, near-constant vibration, and exposure to clogging agents such as dust and mud.
  3. Mining trucks are subject to emissions regulations, and OEM exhaust systems are put together with an eye to meeting the relevant benchmarks.
  4. OEM exhaust parts typically come with multi-year warranty coverage, as well as customer support from the manufacturer.

Aftermarket Exhaust Tubing & Parts

If an exhaust component is labelled “aftermarket”, that means it’s been produced by a third-party organization not affiliated with the original equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket exhaust tubing and aftermarket exhaust parts provide mine site operators with a broader range of choices for customization, performance enhancement, and cost efficiency. DBA Silencing sends aftermarket components {exhaust, coolant, and air intake} to customers such as Canadian Natural, Caterpillar, Cummins, Imperial Oil, Komatsu, Suncor, and Teck Coal.

Exhaust tubing: Welding shop manager attaching a flange to a pipe

Advantages Of Aftermarket Exhaust Tubing & Parts

There are four main benefits associated with aftermarket exhaust parts and aftermarket exhaust systems.

  1. If there are any issues with an OEM system, aftermarket components utilizing a different approach may rectify these problems. Example: some OEM exhaust systems employ long sections of exhaust tubing that are both heavy and unwieldy. These units are so burdensome that a crane is often required to install them. Not only that, but the excessive weight of the pipes strains supporting components, which often leads to failures. DBA’s aftermarket alternatives are segmented. This puts less pressure on the system, and individual exhaust parts can often be put in place or swapped out by a mechanic working solo.
  2. Mining truck operators may have specific preferences in terms of how their vehicles handle or how they sound. Many people like DBA exhaust systems because they’re so good at reducing racket. Some folks say that DBA makes the best truck muffler out there and, while we won’t advance that claim ourselves, we won’t argue with these individuals either.
  3. In some cases, mining trucks are being used in specific environments that call for specific manufacturing materials. At DBA, we’ve definitely encountered situations where stainless steel would be ideal {for corrosion resistance} but the OEM components are made from a different type of exhaust tubing. Fortunately, we’re able to fabricate aftermarket exhaust parts {or even a custom exhaust kit} using whatever products are most appropriate.
  4. Aftermarket exhaust parts are typically a fraction of the cost of their OEM counterparts. In some instances, aftermarket parts are priced lower because they’re shoddy or they employ substandard steel. This is not the case with DBA’s aftermarket offerings; in fact, our aftermarket parts are both less expensive and more effective. This is because DBA has developed over many decades a proprietary composite shell technology that is unsurpassed when it comes to insulating exhaust components and reducing truck fires. You can learn more about this, if you’re interested, by checking out the DBA article entitled “DBA & Mining Haul Truck Safety“.

Cutting Exhaust Tubing: CNC water jet table cutting out some steel flanges


When it comes time to order heavy duty truck exhaust parts, there are a variety of factors to consider. These include quality, compatibility, customization, performance, emissions compliance, warranty protection, risk reduction, and budget. If you have questions about any of these topics, it would make our day to furnish you with some additional information. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-661-5886, or direct your queries to info@dbasilencing.ca. We have a website you can explore, and a catalogue you can peruse. We also have facilities you can visit should you find yourself in Port Alberni. By all means come say “hello”!

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