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Custom Truck Parts & Other Tailor-Made Solutions

Made-To-Order Options

DBA Silencing offers a multitude of standard parts and products. These can be found on our website and in our catalogue. If you’ve visited our website {or perused our catalogue}, you may have noticed that – in many cases – custom sizes are available. Example: we have dozens of exhaust stacks listed in our Exhaust Accessories section, but we also manufacture stacks featuring unusual dimensions for specialty situations.

At DBA, we actually provide scenario-specific solutions all the time. On some occasions, these solutions involve mining truck custom parts. In other instances, we’re helping customers quiet a noisy fishing boat or protect an underground exhaust system from corrosive fluids dripping onto the components. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about custom truck parts and the other custom items that DBA Silencing produces.

BTS Style Muffler as Custom Truck Parts by DBA Silencing

Custom Truck Parts Available

DBA Silencing has been making exhaust parts for decades and so we can manufacture non-standard components for just about any type of industrial vehicle: custom mining truck parts, custom logging truck parts, custom excavator parts, custom semi truck parts, you name it. That said, we don’t tend to make a lot of custom items for mining trucks. Most mine sites that use DBA products on their fleet order regulation kits {exhaust, air intake, and coolant} and regulation replacement parts.

There are, however, exceptions; many sites run Caterpillar and Komatsu trucks, but there are some locations still operating older vehicles made by Hitachi and Euclid. If mechanics are unable to obtain OEM components for the particular models they’re maintaining, they sometimes turn to DBA Silencing for assistance. There are also situations where mine sites decide to remove a vehicle’s original engine and replace it with another engine entirely. In these scenarios, custom truck parts are often required.

When it comes to the logging industry, we generally tend to furnish our customers with replacement parts. Typically what happens is that we are given a unit that has failed {due to age or oxidation or another factor} and asked to duplicate it. This is a relatively straightforward process for us and, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to improve the performance of the piece by modifying the design.

Fishing Vessel Fixes

DBA Silencing is headquartered in Port Alberni, British Columbia, and Port Alberni once won a World Fishing Network contest and was declared “Canada’s Ultimate Fishing Town”. It’s little wonder, then, that we get lots of inquiries from the marine industry. Over the years, DBA has undertaken a variety of maritime projects; we’ve made parts for tugboats in Vancouver, outfitted fishing vessels in Campbell River, and supplied bellows to West Coast ferries. When we’re approached by boat owners, it’s often because their exhaust systems are too darn loud.

Custom Truck Parts for Fishing vessels

We’re usually able to help by either providing an entirely new setup or adding a few key elements. In many cases, fishing vessels have exhaust systems running as much as 30 feet from the engine to the exit stack. Configurations like this tend to be cacophonous. The strategic addition of a muffler or a resonator, however, can bring down the decibel level significantly and create a more bearable exhaust note.

We don’t have stock sizes for resonators, so they tend to be custom components. As a general rule, we like resonators to be a minimum of 30″ in length, as longer units typically lead to superior results. When it comes to mufflers, we can manufacture custom units, or employ a suitably-sized universal muffler; our ANT style and BTS style mufflers can be utilized in a wide variety of situations.

Exhaust system air flow is another area where we can offer aid. Some fishing vessels feature undersized funnels that aren’t large enough to both vent exhaust gases out and bring fresh air in. This can lead to the engine being starved of oxygen which, as you can imagine, impairs performance. In situations such as this, we usually recommend the addition of lateral air vents.

Other Items

DBA’s unique fibreglass shell technology makes mine sites safer. We actually posted a piece about that just recently. But of course our shells aren’t limited to mobile assets. We’ve put together custom insulation systems for exhaust networks in facilities such as power plants and operations such as oil rigs. We’re currently working on a rooftop exhaust structure for a dyno system that will be used to test large engines. Our proprietary fibreglass shell technology also proved to be just what the doctor ordered for a subterranean site that was experiencing exhaust pipe corrosion. Liquids were leaking down onto the exhaust components and causing issues, but DBA’s fibreglass sheathing immediately solved the problem.

Rooftop Dyno System as Custom Truck Parts by DBA Silencing

As mentioned above, our catalogue contains an exhaustive array of components. Not everything we make is featured in that publication, however. We also make manufacture side-mount ladders, for instance, and at the moment we’re developing a new design for a mining customer in Alberta. We have the equipment needed for custom powder coating and customer precision cutting, and that makes it much simpler to put these ladders together.

Mining Truck Ladder as Custom Truck Parts by DBA Silencing

Ordering Custom Truck Parts

As you can see, we do much more at DBA than simply churn out standard products. We can also assist you with custom truck parts and other made-to-measure components. So if you find yourself in a situation where an off-the-shelf item just won’t do, please reach out to us. You can give us a call on our toll-free number, 1-800-661-5886, or send us a message at info@dbasilencing.ca.

We look forward to making for you the exact item you require!

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